1. When does the camp session begin and end this year?
The camp session begins on Sunday July 1, 2018 and ends on Saturday July 21, 2018.
2. What age group is accepted in camp?
Children accepted that are attending the for the first time are ages 8 to 14. After age fourteen campers go on to be senior campers “zvenovye”.
3. Where do the children live in camp?
Children live in tents that are put up on wooden decks. Children are divided into groups of 5-6 people. Each tent contains metal beds with mattresses. Each camper must bring their own sleeping bag, blanket, pillow, and fitted twin sheet. Each camp (boys & girls) has their own facilities and hot water showers. Everyone eats in a general dining pavilion.
4. What do children need to bring to camp?
Besides the above mentioned bedding, each child needs to bring clothing and personal items. A full list of things that need to be brought to camp is sent to parents upon registration.
5. What items are not allowed in camp?
The following items may not be brought to camp:
a) any electronic device, including but not limited to radios, tape recorder, CD players, MP3 players, DVD's, cassettes of any kind
b) electronic games, computers, electronic musical instruments, cell phones
c) inappropriate books & magazines
d) knives or other weapons
e) matches, lighters, candles, fuel lanterns of any kind are strictly prohibited
f) medications including aspirin, Tylenol, and ibuprofen, and vitamins
If medication (prescription medication, over the counter medication, and vitamins) are required, the prescription and medication must be given to the camp nurse who will administer the prescription.
g) food - food and sweets in tents attract insects & wild animals.
h) cosmetics - try to avoid food scented products such as shampoo, cream, lip balm
i) chewing gum
j) valuable or expensive items
6. What does the camp uniform look like?
The camp uniform is used for ceremonies and church services. For boys & girls: khaki colored uniform shirt with epaulets & 2 pockets (preferable two shirts). For boys: 2 pairs of navy blue colored long pants, not jeans, dark belt, dark socks, and dark shoes, not sneakers. For girls: 2 navy blue colored skirts – no more than 2 inches above or below the knee, without slits, not denim or jean skirt, navy blue knee socks or knee highs, dark closed shoes with a maximum heel of 1 inch.
7. When can parents visit their child?
Parents may visit campers on Sundays. Visits into the boys & girls camps are restricted to the hours of 3pm to 6pm.
8. May parents bring food or sweets to their child when they visit?
Yes, parents may bring their children some snacks that need to be consumed by the end of the visiting hours (6pm Sundays). No food or candy must be taken past the dining pavilion. Parents must take all uneaten food home with them.
9. Will my child need money in camp?
There is a small camp store where campers may purchase a limited amount of sweets or juice. Parents may purchase scrip tickets for their child for the store at the beginning of camp. It is preferable that children do not keep money in camp, so as not to lose it.
10. Can children use the phone?
Campers are not allowed to call home. For valid circumstances, a short phone call is allowed. Our experience has shown that children assimilate into camp life much quicker without telephone contact. It is much better to write a letter. We have daily postal service. Children and parents are always delighted to receive mail from each other.
11. May parents take children off camp grounds on Sundays?
Parents are not permitted to remove their children from the camp premises.
12. How is laundry service handled?
Outsourced laundry service is available for campers. This includes laundry service after the 1st and 2nd week of camp. In preparation for the parade, a separate washing of uniforms is conducted at the end of the 2nd week. There is no laundry service the final week before the end of camp.